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Fall 2021 Fundamentals Workshop Schedule

The Fundamentals Workshop Series covers the indispensable skills for effective classroom teaching and is part of the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program, but all are welcome to participate! In an effort to accommodate your schedules, we offer two identical sessions on different dates for each workshop.

All workshops will be facilitated via Zoom. 

To register for a workshop, click on the session you want to attend. After you register, we will send you a calendar invite with the Zoom link.

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Using EdTech Tools to Manage Peer Feedback in Large Courses

In this workshop, we will discuss how you can leverage iPeer, Turnitin, and Canvas to create peer-review assignments that will help you facilitate feedback in large courses. We will also discuss the best strategies for creating rubrics within each tool and cover how you can use those same rubrics to drive constructive feedback among your students and their assignments. From conceptualization to grading, this workshop will show you how to use the tools at your disposal to increase the opportunities for practice and feedback in your courses. 

Facilitated by Gáramis Campusano, Educational Technology Specialist, Center for the Advancement of Teaching 

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Assessing Student Learning or Elective

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Making Feedback on Student Writing More Effective 

Feedback is fundamental to any learning process in any discipline. However, for students, obtaining feedback can oftentimes be an experience fraught with anxiety. This can be particularly true with writing, as some students have experienced harsh, unconstructive feedback in the past, and some may have internalized self-concepts like "I cannot write" or "I am just not a good writer." Therefore, how you provide feedback on student writing is at least as important as the content of the feedback you provide. In this workshop, we will discuss and apply strategies for providing targeted, constructive feedback on student writing without exhausting your time and energy, and we will also discuss strategies for ensuring that students are well-equipped to process this feedback in helpful ways. 

Facilitated by Ming Fang, Associate Teaching Processor, English & Christine Martorana, Assistant Teaching Professor, English 

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Assessing Student Learning or Elective

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Using Internal Evidence to Inform Pedagogy: Collecting and Translating Student Data into Actionable Feedback 

Often, we teach our courses without knowing which aspects of our teaching are most effective and/or how to identify and improve those aspects that could use refinement. Collecting data on student learning and performance in our classroom can help inform continual course enhancement and allow for more targeted refinements. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to collect targeted data from their students, which methods may be most appropriate for their learning context, and methods for translating the data they collect into useful and actionable feedback.

Facilitated by Shenira Perez, Assistant Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Syllabus and Course Design or Elective

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Leading with Compassion in the Classroom

Are you interested in learning how to transform frustrating and challenging moments into opportunities for deeper understanding and connection? In this workshop, we will explore and practice essential techniques for working with classroom difficulties in ways that cultivate empathy, compassion, and clarity. We will draw from practices in mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication to help us promote students' belongingness and safety, and in turn, their learning. Although we will focus on a range of possible scenarios with students, the tools practices can be used in other contexts as well. 

Facilitated by Ileana Hernandez, Assistant Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Culturally Responsive/Inclusive Teaching or Elective