Mid-Semester Feedback

Would you like more feedback about students' experiences in your course? Are you trying something new and want to know how it's going? Could you use some suggestions from students about what would help them learn? The benefits of mid-semester feedback are many--not the least of which is that applying what you learn from your students can help you improve your SPOTs results.

We can schedule a convenient time to visit your class, administer a brief survey (15-20 minutes depending upon the size of your class), and obtain feedback from your students near the midpoint of the semester. We'll meet with you soon after to discuss what we learn and help you determine what, if any, adjustments you might like to make in the second half of your course.

FIU faculty have the opportunity to request one mid-semester feedback session per academic year.

All feedback results are anonymous and follow up consultations confidential.
To request a student feedback session facilitated by a CAT consultant, click mid-semester feedback request.