The Fundamentals of Online Teaching

The Fundamentals of Online Teaching (FOT) professional development course is an on-demand training program that the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) helps facilitate through FIU Develop. The focus of FOT is to provide faculty with the general guidelines and practices they need to be successful in teaching online courses at FIU. We have developed the FOT program according to the latest teaching and learning research and have ensured that it makes use of the best pedagogical approaches for teaching online courses. As with our other PD programs, FOT adheres to the university’s vision of fostering teaching excellence at FIU and, as such, provides participants with an introduction to learning-centered, evidence-based, and inclusive teaching practices.

Faculty Responsibilities

The FOT program consists of six modules of curated readings, resources, and practice activities. Over the course of several weeks, faculty will follow a backward approach to redesigning elements of their own courses for the online modality and will submit these elements for review at end of each module. A CAT facilitator will oversee faculty submissions and provide feedback and guidance throughout the entire PD program. Once participants successfully finish the program, we will send them and their corresponding chairs a notification of completion via email.


SemesterFall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024
Final Day to Register
  • A: Aug. 20
  • B: Oct. 15
  • A: Jan. 7
  • B: Mar. 3
  • A: May 5
  • B: Jun. 16
Professional Development Sessions
  • A: Aug. 21 - Oct. 1 
  • B: Oct. 16 - Nov. 26
  • A: Jan. 8 - Feb. 18
  • B: Mar. 4 - Apr. 14
  • A: May 6 - Jun. 16
  • B: Jun. 17 - Jul. 28

Contact Us

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