Evaluating Teaching Resources

The ET project is a university-wide initiative that aims to enhance our processes for evaluating and rewarding excellence in teaching at FIU. Here you will find resources developed specifically to support faculty in their efforts to collect evidence for the evaluation of their teaching.

Academic Integrity and AI

FIU is committed to the CORE values:
Responsibility, Truth, Freedom, Respect and Excellence.

Asian student in a classroom speaking.

Civil Discourse in Our Classroom:  Sample Syllabus Language 

Some examples of language that you may include in your syllabi to let students know that they are likely to hear perspectives that differ from their own.

Developing and Teaching a Course

Whether developing a new course, teaching a preexisting course or updating a course you’ve taught for years here you’ll find resources curated specifically to help you take a structured, thoughtful, and evidenced based approach to course design.

How Learning Works

What is learning?
Learning is a process, not a product; but because this process takes place in the mind, we can only infer that it has occurred from students’ products or performances.

Adjunct Teaching Experience

Adjunct faculty are integral members of our FIU teaching community. Every semester more than 500 adjuncts teach at FIU, and it is CAT’s goal to provide faculty development and community building opportunities for adjunct faculty through workshops, reading groups, consultations, and online resources.

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CAT's edTech Repository for Faculty

Because of the growing need in higher education for educational technology tools that will engage students and enhance the classroom learning experience, CAT has put together this collection of suggested programs, apps, and tools for FIU faculty. We encourage everyone to use these resources as a way to explore new ideas when combining the best pedagogical practices with the latest in educational technology.

Teaching Research & Resources Repository

Here you will find our collection of teaching and learning resources, which include books, articles, sites, and much more. We have categorized all of the entries in this repository as being evidence-based, learner-centered, or inclusive to align with FIU’s vision of teaching excellence.


Book Shelves