Annual Report

The Annual Report describes the ways that the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) meets the ever-increasing demand for services and offerings that support FIU faculty and graduate students in their teaching and learning practices.  The Executive Summary offers an overview of CAT programming during the past academic year as well as information regarding its approach and mission. The full report includes detailed information for each CAT programming and service (e.g., program goals, number of participants, and participant feedback).

Highlight from 2018-2019:

CAT launched the Contemplative Practices in Education (CPE) initiative in spring 2018 to cultivate an academic community that supports contemplative practices in all facets of university life, enhance teaching and learning, foster individual and institutional well-being, and contribute to the research surrounding these practices.  During AY2018-2019, CPE workgroup members and various FIU faculty collaborated to offer a series of workshops that support ongoing reflection and exchange about faculty efforts to implement contemplative practices into their teaching and scholarship; Mindful Mondays, which provide a space for fostering presence, awareness, and resilience; consultations for educators interested in integrating these practices into their teaching; and a book group regarding the use and benefits of these practices in higher education.