Teaching Fundamentals & Innovations Workshop Series

Summer 2024 Schedule

All are welcome to attend CAT's workshop series which empowers participants to expand their pedagogical knowledge, explore varied teaching strategies, and apply these methods effectively to enhance student learning and success.  

When incorporating new instructional strategies into your teaching, you can collect feedback from students, peers, and engage in self-reflection to assess their impact on learning. This feedback can be part of your annual review and provide additional evidence of your professional growth and dedication to teaching excellence. 

In an effort to accommodate your schedules, we offer identical sessions on different dates for most workshops and on-demand options that can be accessed at any time from anywhere! 

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Evidence-Based Teaching: Collecting & Using Data from Students to Improve Course Design & Teaching

Unlock the power of insights with our dynamic workshop on collecting student learning data in the classroom. Discover innovative techniques and tools to seamlessly gather data on student progress and perceptions of learning, enabling personalized teaching strategies. Elevate your courses and foster student success through informed, data-driven instruction. 

Facilitated by Shenira Perez, Assistant Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Assessing Student Learning or Elective


Teaching with AI Workshop

Tackle the practical application of integrating AI into your courses. Generative AI and Large Language Models have the power to redefine our teaching work in the classroom. In these three half-day workshops, participants will leverage them to enhance their teaching and learning practices. In particular, this workshop will address:

  • Redesigning our lessons using AI,
  • Creating AI-enhanced assignments and assessments,
  • Teaching students how to use AI ethically, and
  • Addressing academic integrity concerns.
Facilitated by Leanne Wells, Senior Director, and Gáramis Campusano, EdTech Specialist, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Syllabus and Course Design or Elective

In-Person Option:
Virtual Option:

Introduction to Feedback Box

Collecting student feedback in your courses can provide useful insights into your teaching practices and be a source of data for teaching evaluation. Feedback Box, a safe and anonymous tool for collecting student feedback within Canvas, can be a great way to get started on this. In this introductory workshop, you will learn more about leveraging Feedback Box to get actionable feedback from your students. We will discuss what Feedback Box is, how it works, and why it matters.

Facilitated by Gáramis Campusano, EdTech Specialist, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Elective 

science of emotions WK

On-Demand Workshops
in the Teaching Fundamentals & Innovation Hub!

The Hub provides self-paced trainings on high-impact, research-based skills and strategies for enhancing student learning and teaching effectiveness. With busy schedules in mind, this training hub allows you to select brief workshops of interest that can be accessed at any time from anywhere! 

Current workshops in the Hub:

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques: What are Students Really Understanding?
  • The Science of Learning: Enhancing Student Learning and Motivation
  • What is Learning, and How to Facilitate It

New workshops will be added periodically!

What FIU Educators Are Saying …

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching at FIU may be our most powerful resource on campus. From best pedagogical practices across myriad modalities to backward course design, course alignment, and syllabi and rubric development, CAT offers new ways of approaching teaching our students across disciplines. Not only have the CAT workshops helped me enhance my courses and provide my students with a better experience, but they have also made me more thoughtful and constantly in search of new and better ways to present my students with the information they need to succeed.

Lisa Cain, Associate Professor, Hospitality & Tourism Management

The CAT workshops and certificate programs are fantastic tools that have enriched my Ph.D. experience by offering opportunities to prioritize the advancement of teaching and learning at the university level. Thank to the CAT, I have learned about, and incorporated, pedagogical methods in my own classroom that I otherwise would not have known about.

Andrew Bernal, Graduate Instructor, Economics

I am so grateful for the programming and support offered by the CAT, as I always find a bright idea to try out in my teaching. I have relied on the amazing team at the CAT for help thinking through how, when, and where I can best foster student learning and growth. I hope to keep taking advantage of these important resources.

Ana Prado, Assistant Teaching Professor, English

CAT's workshop series had an incredible impact on the development of my teaching. The various strategies and materials introduced throughout the series not only assisted in my duties as a graduate teaching assistant but were invaluable resources when designing my first class. It truly empowered me to feel more confident in my abilities as an instructor, which has allowed me to better assist and support my students.

Kristin Noa, Graduate Instructor, Politics & International Relations