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Summer 2021 Fundamentals Workshop Schedule

The Fundamentals Workshop Series covers the indispensable skills for effective classroom teaching and is part of the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program, but all are welcome to participate! In an effort to accommodate your schedules, we offer two identical sessions on different dates for each workshop.

Due to COVID-19 and the move to remote work and learning, the workshops will be facilitated via Zoom. 

To register for a workshop, click on the session you want to attend. After you register, we will send you a calendar invite with the Zoom link.


Encouraging Students to Discover their "Why" in Engagement

In this workshop, we will discuss what “engagement” can look like for your students and what your role as an instructor is in empowering them throughout their engagement journey. We will also highlight the Gallup Purdue Index Report’s “Big Six” engagement experiences and the important part that instructors play when empowering students to get engaged. From developing mentorship relationships to knowing what resources to direct your students to, this workshop will show you the many ways that you can help your students find their “why” in engagement.

Facilitated by Hazel Hooker, Program Director, Center for Student Engagement, and Sophie Braga de Barros, Program Coordinator, Center for Student Engagement

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Culturally Responsive Teaching or Elective

backward-course-design model

Employing the Three-Stage Approach to Effective Backward Course Design 

Backward Design is a course-planning framework that creates meaningful learning experiences by carefully aligning learning objectives, assessments, and learning activities so they support and reinforce each other. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn about and practice using the three-staged approach to this course design process, which will help them teach in a more goal-focused and effective way while better engaging students and increasing learning and success.

Facilitated by Shenira Perez, Assistant Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Fulfills Certificate Requirement: Syllabus and Course Design or Elective