Sample Rubric Templates

Sample 1
Rubric Sample 1
  • Evaluates each data source broadly and on an individual basis
  • Includes SPOTs score relative to GPA as a data point
  • Incorporates faculty's assignment with the three pillars of teaching; learning-centered, evidence-based, and inclusive teaching
Sample 2
Rubric Sample 2
  • Data sources are primarily assessed on the number of evaluation activities faculty engage in and the extent to which those activities are exhaustive in nature
  • Growth in teaching is evaluated on the number of ways in which faculty report they have aligned their teaching with one or more of the pillars
Sample 3
Rubric Sample 3
  • Faculty are assessed on the quality and quantity of connections they make between the evidence they collect from students, peers, and themselves, as well as the use of this evidence for future instructional planning
  • Data sources are evaluated individually and primarily based on the number of activities they engage in
Sample 4
Rubric Sample 4
  • Rubric provides a space for entering notes on each criteria/category
  • Includes a side bar with an explanation/description of each point on the rating scale that can be customized to meet departmental needs
Sample 5
Rubric Sample 5
  • Data collected from students, peers, and self are assessed holistically rather than individually
  • Faculty are assessed on their use of data collected from students, peers, and self to inform their teaching
  • Incorporates graduate mentoring and advising and includes examples of assessment criteria for this component
We suggest that rubrics include an additional category for "Other Considerations" that may potentially influence a faculty’s evaluation (as seen in all of the samples above)