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Welcome to the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT)

The mission of CAT is to cultivate and sustain a university culture that values and engages in inclusive teaching practices to promote intellectual and personal growth. CAT supports the University’s commitment to teaching excellence through partnerships, interpersonal relationships, and programming that are built on trust, evidence-based practices, and ongoing critical reflection. 

Teaching News & Recent Events

This year FIU hosted its inaugural Juneteenth commemoration and celebration. A week filled with opportunities for sharing, learning, and deep reflection.  A highlight of the week's events was the Education, Celebration, and Healing Teach-in. We hope that the teach-in sparked discussion and inspires its viewers to take action for social justice.

Do you want to learn more about Juneteenth? thumbnail_juneteenth_longpost.jpg

Watch a recording of the Teach-In on Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment - Posts | Facebook




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