Center for the Advancement of Teaching

TAPAS: Micro-Teaching Workshops

Small Plates: Micro-Teaching Workshops are perfect for department meetings, orientation sessions, and more.

5 minute workshops

In 5 minutes, we can introduce faculty members to ONE of the following:

  • think-pair-share—an easy way to direct students to a question/problem/issue, encourage critical thinking, and foster collaboration.
  • exam wrappers—a wonderful post-exam exercise that will ensure most (if not all) of the test material has been grasped
  • minute papers—a concise classroom assessment technique with which to determine what/how much students know, ask for their opinion, feedback, etc.
  • cover letters—a simple assignment which generates more thoroughly-revised writing assignments.
  • formative assessment—a counterpoint to summative assessment which provides invaluable feedback to both students and faculty

10 minute workshops

In 10 minutes, we can share strategies related to ONE of the following:

  • increasing participation—by creating a safe learning environment and managing the “monopolizer”.
  • asking good questions—which are crucial to promoting critical thinking and encouraging participation.
  • assessing prior knowledge—though a background knowledge probe, for instance.
  • promoting academic integrity—with practices that discourage plagiarism.
  • low-stakes writing—an excellent way to give students practice with this crucial skill while requiring much less instructor feedback (and therefore time!).

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