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Summary of Services

Midterm Interviews

Do you want to develop new teaching strategies? Are you designing a new course? Are you feeling bored with your classes? Are you having difficulty motivating students? Anyone who teaches a class at FIU is invited to consult CAT staff on any issue related to teaching. We can assist in the redesign of a course or syllabus, discuss teaching challenges and possible solutions, collaborate as you explore teaching innovations, assist with designing new assessment measures, and so forth. We can steer you toward readings and resources if you want to investigate particular teaching strategies. If you're pondering a new class, and still formulating your ideas, we encourage you to bounce ideas in our direction, or just stop by for coffee. All consultations will be confidential.

Teaching Observations

Have you ever wondered what your class looks like from the back row? Or from the perspective of a different discipline? CAT staff can visit your class and respond to the learning environment, helping you to gauge levels of student engagement. All consultations will be confidential. We can also videotape your class, if you wish to see yourself in action: this is a thought-provoking way to put yourself in the student's position.

Faculty Learning Groups

CAT facilitates the convening of small groups of faculty from across the disciplines to explore, apply, or extend the current research on learning. FLGs may focus on particular teaching issues (i.e. learning thresholds, active learning, team-based learning, service learning, etc.) or they may be cohort-based (first-year faculty, mid-career faculty, science faculty, language faculty, etc.) Groups will meet regularly over the course of one or two semesters, to discuss readings, findings, experiences, etc. Some FLGs may take the form of book clubs, discussing a particular pedagogical text, while others may explore a range of material on a narrowly-focused topic. FLGs are intended to offer space and time for reflective teaching, enriching our experience of the profession.

Certificate in University Teaching & Learning

FIU’s two-tiered certificate program is intended to equip graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) with the important basic skills for successful college teaching. This is an important professional development program for graduate students, which will assist them to launch their future careers within or outside of the academic setting. The program aims to instill a strong focus on student learning, thereby improving the quality of undergraduate education at FIU.

New Faculty Orientation

CAT participates in the August orientation for new faculty; we want to build and sustain a relationship with new faculty, to welcome them into the FIU community, and to help them stay connected with their cohort of entering faculty. Please visit us!

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