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Moving a face-to-face or hybrid course to remote delivery raises many questions. How will I make my in-class activities work in the online environment and what does this mean for other assignments and projects?  What can I realistically accomplish and know that my students are learning? How can I effectively communicate new expectations to my students and reassure them that we’ll work together to find solutions to the challenges of remote learning? It is possible that some elements of your course will remain unchanged; however, where there are new ways in which students will be interacting with you and each other, CAT can help. 

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As you think about and prepare for remote teaching ask yourself three questions:

What are my options?

Remember that you don’t have to replace every in-person interaction or activity with a Zoom meeting. Experiment with Canvas tools (like online annotation tools and polling software), or Google Docs, for example, to accompany or replace videoconferencing. Seek out opportunities to consult and share your experiences with colleagues, take advantage of on-demand training and workshops provided by FIU Online and CAT to learn about resources and tools that will help you accomplish your teaching goals.

What are my teaching and learning goals?

Identifying and focusing on your most important goals for the course and student learning needs will help you to make decisions about which course adjustments you need to make while also meeting your student learning needs. Let your goals guide you to alternative approaches and technologies. Remote teaching doesn’t have to represent a restriction or reduction as compared to your initial teaching plan. By narrowing your focus on those most important goals you may find that you have additional bandwidth to adopt new and even more effective teaching strategies that you’ll continue even after you return to face-to-face teaching. 

What am I doing to connect with my students?

Remote teaching is new to everyone at FIU. Flexibility, open-mindedness, and communication are the keys to its success.  Whatever choices you make about your course, it is crucial that you are mindful of how you communicate your expectations to students. Understand that the unusual circumstances they are experiencing outside of your virtual classroom may affect their ability to fully engage with your course. Being present and reaching out to your students will help them stay connected and give you valuable feedback on their learning.

Join CAT for a Remote Teaching Roundtable 

At the roundtable, faculty will discuss their experiences, share strategies, and troubleshoot remote teaching challenges. While each week’s discussion focuses on a specific topic we invite you to bring any questions you have about remote teaching to the table.

Friday’s this fall from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

August 28th - Is this College or COVID?

September 4th - Using Writing for Assessment with Writing Across the Curriculum

September 11th - Alternative Assessments in Large Enrollment Courses  

September 18th - Polling For Engagement & Formative Assessment 

September 25th - Using Breakout Rooms for Effective Small-Group Activities 

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