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  1. MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) collects links to an enormous range of teaching resources, including discipline-specific examples.
  2. IDEA papers are good resources on a range of teaching issues.
  3. The POD (Professional and Organizational Development) website has a great page on rubrics.
  4. POD also offers the useful WikiPODia.
  5. There's also a cool site called rubistar that will help you build a rubric.
  6. ION (Illinois Online Network) has great resources for teaching and online learning.
  7. The University of North Carolina-Charlotte produces podcasts on Teaching and Learning Matters.
  8. …as does Xavier University of Louisiana's CAT
  9. The Derek Bok Center at Harvard has produced a number of good videos on teaching issues.
  10. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching offers a range of resources.
  11. The Khan Academy provides hundreds of free videos and online lessons.
  12. Connexions is an open-source (free!) repository of modules in a range of disciplines, from elementary to college levels. Here’s their self-description: Connexions is a dynamic digital educational ecosystem consisting of an educational content repository and a content management system optimized for the delivery of educational content. Connexions is one of the most popular open education sites in the world. Its more than 17,000 learning objects or modules in its repository and over 1000 collections (textbooks, journal articles, etc.) are used by over 2 million people per month. Its content services the educational needs of learners of all ages, in nearly every discipline, from math and science to history and English to psychology and sociology. Connexions delivers content for free over the Internet for schools, educators, students, and parents to access 24/7/365. Materials are easily downloadable to almost any mobile device for use anywhere, anytime. Schools can also order low cost hard copy sets of the materials (textbooks). Here’s the link: and the founder explaining his project.
  13. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) has videotaped hundreds of fascinating talks on myriad topics, from Wael Ghonim explaining how the Egyptian revolution worked like a wiki to Chimamanda Adichie describing the danger of telling only a single story: you can use them free!
  14. Inside Higher Education
  15. The Chronicle online
  16. Carnegie-Mellon's site provides an amazing searchable resource called "Solve a Teaching Problem": you select the issue you're facing and up pops a list of strategies.
  17. The Syllabus Institute is a great online resource: it offers guidelines for good syllabi, plus tips for self-assessment of your syllabus.
  18. Faculty of Color and traditionally underrepresented faculty may face additional challenges in the classroom. Here's a great article addressing some of these extra burdens.
  19. Here's a great recent Chronicle series on memory and learning: 
    Part I:
    Part II:
  20. Here's a great article about "sticky" ideas (ideas that we don't--maybe can't--forget) and how to make our teaching stick.

CAT library:

The Center has an extensive collection of books on learning and teaching. Please feel free browse and borrow. We have a current subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education, so please stop by to read, chat, and sip coffee.

Other Teaching Centers:

The University of Kansas’s Center for Teaching Excellence provides links to ALL of the teaching center websites in the country, and many international centers. Here are a few of the most useful ones.

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