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The Faculty Innovations for Student Success (FISS) Roundtable Series is an outgrowth of the FISS Annual Showcase and is sponsored in conjunction with the Faculty Senate. The goals of the series are to:

  • Encourage and sustain collegiality and collaborative practices to deepen our sense of community
  • Promote interaction across the boundaries of fields and disciplines to maximize creativity and innovative thinking
  • Support and facilitate data-driven experimentation and refinement of effective pedagogical practices
  • Enrich our confidence in and knowledge of teaching
  • Celebrate and extend a culture of inclusivity, civility, and justice

Each Roundtable is structured around a particular theme. These themes stem from faculty feedback and student survey responses.

The typical format for the roundtable series is:

  • Welcome (5 minutes)
  • Faculty Presenters (15 minutes each sharing innovative practice, tool, strategy, or process with materials)
  • Clarifying Questions from the participants (5-10 minutes)
  • Examination of materials or handouts with open discussion (30 minutes)
  • Implications for our work (5 minutes to reflect)

Participants also have the opportunity to “sign-up for follow-up” to continue the discussion and/or receive additional support.