• Questions about CAT

    What does CAT do?

    CAT assists faculty as they strive to balance research on learning with thoughtful teaching. To learn more about CAT programs and services visit our Programming page.

    What programs and events do you have coming up and how do I sign up?

    CAT offers a variety of professional development programs including the Hybrid Pilot Program, Faculty Reading Groups, and Fundamentals. To learn more about our programs and events, and register, visit our programming page.

    I’m new to teaching at FIU. How can CAT help me?

    CAT can provide direction on almost all matters related to teaching and learning. We invite you to review our New Faculty page and schedule a consultation to discuss your individual questions or concerns.

    What are faculty reading groups, how do I sign up, where do I pick up my book and can I join more than one group per semester?

    Faculty book groups are an opportunity for faculty across disciplines to meet, share their teaching experiences, and discuss books that explore all things teaching and learning-related, to gather new teaching ideas in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment. To sign up please visit our faculty book groups page.

    I missed a program/event/workshop. Where can I find the materials shared?

    If you missed a CAT event and are interested in finding out what we shared, please email us at teach@fiu.edu or Contact Us.

  • Teaching Questions

    What if I need help creating a syllabus, writing an exam, or creating course assignments/activities? How do I make an appointment for a consultation?

    Click here to request a consultation and a member of CAT will contact you to schedule an appointment.

    I’ve heard you must be certified in order to teach hybrid courses?

    Under the Provost’s Strategic Plan in order to teach hybrid courses and receive an instructional designer, you must go through hybrid professional development training.

    Visit the Hybrid PD page to see our hybrid professional development training schedule and apply or reserve your spot in the next available cohort.

    I have a student who is struggling with issues outside of class. What resources are available to them?

    FIU takes a holistic approach to student learning providing engaging activities and support services that promote student growth and development outside the classroom. You can find a list of the offices and a menu of services by visiting the Division of Student Affairs website.

  • Teaching Assistant (TA) Questions

    What is the Certificate in University Teaching & Learning program?

    The Certificate in University Teaching & Learning program is a free, two-tiered professional development opportunity intended to guide graduate teaching assistants in developing the foundational skills needed for successful college teaching and documenting those skills to compete in a dynamic job market.  Please visit the program’s page for more details, including the requirements.

    Why should I participate in the certificate program?

    By participating in this professional development opportunity, not only do you grow as an effective educator, but the skills that are developed are valuable whether your future is within or outside of the academic setting. The certificate will appeal to prospective employers when you’re in the job market.

    Tier 2 of the program was specifically developed for those interested in academic positions. Alumni have mentioned how invaluable it was to have documents ready (e.g., their teaching philosophy statement and teaching portfolio) and to skillfully discuss teaching and learning during the application and interview process, thanks to what was done and learned during the program.

    How do I apply for the certificate program?

    To apply for the program, you would first submit the Enrollment Form to have the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning course appear in your Canvas account. To complete the application process, you would submit a 1-2 page Statement of Purpose explaining your reasons for wishing to pursue the Certificate and exploring your goals as an educator. You will gain full access to Tier 1 of the program when your Statement of Purpose is accepted. Please visit the program’s page for more details.